Act Two, Scene One

Today’s post marks almost six months since my last one — my very enthusiastic review of ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ which I feel I should point out did not ruin me for all other movies (contrary to my six month absence). However, in that absence, a bit has happened in my life, and I haven’t seen as many movies as I would’ve liked. That, or the thought of reviewing what movies that I have seen didn’t exactly take priority over other areas of my life. I’ve been watching so much television, though — just in the last two months, I’ve gotten caught up on ‘Supergirl,’ ‘The Flash,’ and ‘iZombie,’ started watching ‘Timeless’ and ‘Insecure,’ as well as restarted ‘Drop Dead Diva.’ Oh, and I’m back just in time for ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s’ fourth season! (Well, we’re waiting again for another few weeks as they take a short hiatus, but. Semantics.)

Anyway, because so much has happened and I’ve been binge watching so much TV, I decided to do a complete overhaul of my blog — in addition to reviewing movies and TV shows, I’m going to be posting about, well, lifestyle things. Think food and fashion and makeup. Every now and then, I may throw in a blog about a book I’ve read, or some new music I’d recommend, and possibly less frequently, I’ll write about my own life or current events in our world (though as we speak, we’re three or so days away from Election Day 2016, and I’d really rather not dwell on the country’s fate more than everyone already does, so that’s likely to be the case with those types of posts). I’ve also been itching to pick a camera back up and learn more about the ins and outs of photography (with a film camera, rather than a digital one), so we’ll just play that one by ear.

I’m revamping now because it took me six months to give this blog another long, hard look and actually want to make something of it. I watched movies and TV shows, but it never felt like enough, and that was more frustrating than you can imagine. Considering it was my New Year’s resolution to keep this up, not only do I now feel obligated to see it through, but I also remember how excited I felt to just be starting something for myself (regardless of whether or not anyone else would ever read it), and I owe that excitement to myself. To be fair, I have been writing on the side, but not in any real way that I feel counts, so I’m tweaking the way I used to run this place in the hopes these changes will inspire me to write, write, write. I also hope to reach more people, though that’s never been the goal, so I don’t have all my hopes riding on that as of now.

Now that I’ve given myself more space to grow here, I can’t wait to get started back up again — here’s to Act Two!


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