Act One, Scene One

There are two things in this world I know for a fact that I’m passionate about: writing, and watching way too many movies and shows for my own good.

For the better part of 2015, I’ve found myself doing both nonstop – which sounds easy enough, and to be fair, they can be. Sometimes. For me though (and no doubt too many other people), writing comes and goes in waves; one minute I could have all the ideas in the world, but another second goes by and for some reason, all my inspiration is sucked dry before I can even write them down. A lot of that has to do with worrying that my ideas are stupid or impossible – or even just forgetting I had them in the first place.

I also find myself getting distracted by movies and TV shows, immersing myself in them and wishing I could write one of my own (of either) someday. And then I realize that I can write my own: scripts, stories, a blog. But before I get to it, there’s this constant nagging that goes on in the back of my head, reminding me that I need to start this show there, or catch up on an episode here, or finally watch that movie I’ve been meaning to for weeks – so instead of writing like I should be, I end up binge watching an entire series on Netflix, or having a movie marathon until 3 AM. I know this is only my own fault, so I’ve since decided that I won’t let my watching habits distract me.

No – instead, I’ll put them to good use, and I’ll start my own film/TV review blog, and I will write about something.

I don’t know if anyone will ever actually read this. That isn’t why I finally decided to create a blog and go through with it. I will try my hardest to keep up with it, as about ten days into 2016, I’ve decided this blog will be my New Year’s resolution. I’m hoping I’ll keep this up if (or when, but I’d rather not jinx it) I eventually make the move to Los Angeles, or while I continue to slowly (emphasis on slowly) build on my experiences here in Houston – just to catalog the important parts of my story along the way, because even that’s one I constantly get writer’s block over and I’m actually living it.

Being an aspiring writer/filmmaker is a terrifying thing to take on when you’re only (almost) twenty years old, with no idea what you’re doing or when and where you’re supposed to do whatever that is, with little to no help, facing the stark reality that you’re probably (read: most definitely) not going to get what you want in any way you ever imagined it.

But at least it makes for a good story.


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